Jan 6, 2016

Pilly - Nominated for Medical App Award

Improving the quality of life of chronically ill children and their parents, that's what we had in mind when developing our app. And apparently this idea finds it's audience, because we are among the 9 best submissions for the Medical App Award by Lifescience Nord.

Maria Krüger

The app "Pilly", developed by us, is a medication manager for chronically ill children who teaches the responsible handling of essential medicine in an age-appropriate manner. It already helps elementary students act independently, while providing their parents with a feeling of security.

That children with chronic illnesses have to pay attention to regular intake and dosage - even if their parents are not currently there to monitor it - is common. Especially with the increasing number of all-day schools. So the app is an absolutely meaningful development and a great help for the children, who thus gain independence. In addition, "Pilly" has a motivating effect thanks to the playful elements. And sometimes conceals the psychological burden of illnesses.

We love holistic innovation: Therefore the tool also makes use of the Digital Packagings! The packaging communicates directly to the parent's mobile phone to see if the medication has been taken in time. If this has been forgotten, it gives the opportunity to remember it again.

Independence for the kids - security for the parents! And reward for us by the nomination!

Maria Krüger

Tools of Innovators

With a degree in business psychology, Maria specialized in business development and innovation management. At INDEED she took care for user-centric insight development, trend research and benchmarks to initiate conceptual development for future markets. Since the foundation of TOI, she focuses on business models and brand strategies, enabling companies to view business intelligence from a new perspective.


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