May 30, 2017

Member of the Board of Life Sciene Nord

For several years, Indeed has been a member of the Life Science Nord cluster. This union of about 500 companies and research institutes is one of the most-established life science networks of in Europe.

Andrea Vorm Walde DE

BeingDue to its greatly engaged inement in innovations in medicine, as well as medical products and services, the group has established itself as one of the leading life science networks in Europe; strengthening the value of the region contributions in these fields.

With a complete value chain – from basic and applied research, to clinical tests, to the market-ready end product – the Life Science Nord cluster offers a unique infrastructure: researchers with a practical orientation and clinical staff cooperate closely with partners in the industry to help innovative products and technologies breakthrough.

Our Managing Director Karel J. Golta just became a member of their board. Together with colleagues from Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe, Fachhochschule Lübeck, Ernst & Young, Enin Pharma and the University of Lübeck, he will advance the successful work of the cluster in the upcoming years.

Andrea Vorm Walde DE

PR and Communications

Andrea kümmert sich um unsere PR und zeigt gerne, wie innovativ und vielseitig Indeed ist. Eigentlich ist sie zuständig für die Worte – trotzdem lässt sie uns hier meistens den Vortritt, weil wir als Designer und Entwickler in unserem Blog ganz authentisch berichten wollen. Und das können wir am besten selber.


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