Nov 19, 2020

It´s all about people

As of INDEED's 10th anniversary, Tommaso writes about our new vision, as well as the journey to get B Corp certified and his goal to write the INDEED’ Organizational Culture Statement - including all facets of our pivot and highlighting the core of INDEED at the same time.

Tommaso Martucci

INDEED turns ten and while we are celebrating, we remember all the great, outstanding, challenging and unforgettable moments. For this anniversary, we reshaped our vision as Humane Innovation. As well, we have all committed to getting INDEED as a B Corp certified business. For us, it’s a promise to do business as better humans. And the decision to become a B Corp certified firm is a huge milestone for our 10th anniversary, it’s a sort of gift that we craft to ourselves.

What does it mean to work at INDEED?

In order to achieve the B Corp certification, we have set multiple tasks and each one is tackled by a dedicated team. Among those, I’m working with our People’ Manager Anni, on an Organizational Culture Statement. This statement would be the main answer to what we are often asked by clients and applicant: “What does it mean to work at INDEED?”

The answer sets the basics of our company´s culture and communicates the atmosphere that everyone can feel while at our office, or during our meetings and workshops - basically, any occasion while spending some time with INDEED people. For an Organizational Culture Statement, this phrase should incorporate how it feels to work here, what is important to us as a company, and it should speak loudly our culture while taking into account everyone´s view. For this reason, our first step has been to get a small contribution from all our colleagues, by collecting individual and personal inputs.

Thus we crafted a short survey to ask the following quite emotional questions:
“Focus on what you enjoy the most during your days at INDEED, try to hold for a minute the memory of those moments that are meaningful to you. Scroll back into your personal album of memories, from day one, all the way through the time spent in this office, until today. What does it mean for you to work at INDEED? How does it feel to live an INDEED life? What is it that makes you feel like staying at INDEED?”

Christmas 2017

It is all about people.

After going through all the answers, we felt overwhelmed with positivity. The answers served as a source of inputs that were mapped out and clustered afterwards, ultimately converging the key points. One main takeaway stood out from anything else: it's all about people. That's what really drives the economic success of our projects. The people are so diverse, and their international nature curates their culture, personality, mindsets and passion. 

So… Happy birthday, INDEED! Congratulations to an amazing journey over the last ten years and cheers to many more adventures to come. And, of course, congratulations to the people who came together under this roof and make it that special! Let´s celebrate (this year from distance, of course) next year as loud, special, big, outstanding and unique as it deserves! Thank you if you are already with us on this journey. If not, you should get to know us!

Tommaso Martucci

Innovation & Design

Tommaso Martucci is an Innovation & Design Manager at INDEED. He is specialized in Service, Ux/Ui & Innovation, with a background in Product Design and Workplace Strategy. Milan, London, Shanghai, Belgrade or Shenzhen are just some locations, where he proved his design versatility. Feel free to join his reading list by following #timeforreading on – actually – every known social media channel.


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