Mar 5, 2018

SXSW 2018

We're headed to SXSW in Austin from March 9-18 to discover the future of technology, culture and society. Meet us there to reflect together on a week of inspiration.

Patric Moammer

Much like SXSW, we believe that technology and humanity must go hand-in-hand. As an innovation service firm who cares deeply about human-centred product development, we are excited to meet like-minded visionaries. Send us a quick note to meet us at SXSW and learn how Indeed can help you design, develop and envision new products and services that will thrive in an era of technological and social change.

What we're excited about:

Keynote: Esther Perel

In an age where everything is shifting with society and technology, we're looking forward to hearing from best-selling author and internationally acclaimed psychotherapist, Esther Perel on what this means for the future of love? 

A Better Future: Making Technology Adapt to Us

We will be exploring, with two directors at Google, how to create a beautiful relationship between technology and humanity, a subject near and dear to our hearts.

The Future of Capitalism and Everything Else

An in-depth conversation with the Co-Founder of Whole Foods, the CEO of data.world, the Cofounder of Blab and a Partner of Impact America Fund on if and how capitalism can fulfil its promise to bring prosperity to all. Could design be a tool in which we democratize capitalism?

A roboticist, ethicist and novelist walk into a bar

What promises to be an engaging panel discussion on the limits (or lack thereof) of AI, robotics and tech. Where will the future take us and will it be the ethicists or roboticists who decide?

Digital Fabrication: Will Robots Build the Future?

A panel discussion with architects, academics and the head of the Self-Assembly Lab at MIT on the age of exponential manufacturing. 3D printing is the technology of the present -- what is this mean for the future?

Keynote: Melinda Gates

The woman who needs no introduction will be sharing her insight on the future of the American workforce and posing the important question: what is the company we want to build in the future?

We are looking forward to seeing you in Austin!

Patric Moammer

Managing Director New York

Patric is founding member and managing director of our New York subsidiary. But most important he is a passionate design talent who loves to work across multiple disciplines like industrial-, user interface-, user experience-, packaging-, graphic- and web design to create truly holistic user centred product experiences.


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