May 5, 2017


There has been tremendous change in the world since we first got started with INDEED – and we have changed, as well. Especially in a company like ours, progress happens organically – after all, we not only represent innovation, we live it. Naturally!

Karel J. Golta

Now it’s time to acknowledge not only where we already stand, but to make it obvious to the world. And that’s why we needed to shed our skin and shape up INDEED 2.0, with our brand-new website ( , as well as with a clear statement on our new focus:

"Human-first in Innovation" says in a nutshell what we do and what this is all about: it’s all a matter of putting humans back in the center of evolution, especially today in times of AI and automation.

Karel J. Golta

Managing Director

Karel, der Geschäftsführer von INDEED, ist Schweizer– aber alles andere als neutral. Wenn er nicht gerade mit Kunden "the next big thing" plant, kann man mit ihm ganz kontrovers über den Wert von Design diskutieren. Und vor allem darüber, wie Design die Menschlichkeit auch im Zeitalter von KI und Automatisierung bewahrt.


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