Mar 2, 2018

Gadget Friday

Here's how I pimped my felt mat to energize my water and of course my phone.

Florian Witt

You all know, a desktop is most likely crowded with electronics, paperwork, chargers, keypad, tablets, office accessories and the food and beverage you need during the day. To avoid watermarks on the table, we all got a felt mat when moving into the new office. After some weeks, I couldn’t hold myself back and bought a naked Qi charging coil off of Amazon for only 8,29 €:  

I cut some holes into the back layer of my felt mat, Routed the coil wires between the felt layers and re-soldered. As you see, it fits perfectly!

From the top, it looks the same as before, except for the cable and da-dadada… it's charging!

Florian Witt


Florian is a design-oriented engineer and Head of Engineering at Indeed. With his passion for sleek, simple solutions, he ensures that great products work just as well. And his enthusiasm already reaches into the next generation: His two little daughters already like to take apart complicated technical devices and explore how they work ...


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