Nov 2, 2018

Fear versus Optimism (Part 4)

As Andrea continuous to change the widespread fear of AI into optimism, today Karel has his say about this topic.

Karel J. Golta

Fear is good. Fear is essential to our survival and has been key to human evolution. And fear is imperative to spark creativity because it empowers courage for the unknown and new.

But let us not be naïve. All the blogs (this one also, unfortunately), media coverage, books and conferences on AI are unread and unnoticed by the larger majority of humans. I call them “the other 70%”.

Whether you think: AI is just a new technology we will master, or: a short step away from creating gods that will rule us all- in order to have optimism we have to engage the other 70%, too. This must happen top down and bottom up.

Biotechnology and nuclear technology for instance are highly regulated by most governments. Because their impact on society is huge, governments set ethical and other standards (such as laws) to protect their citizens. Although laws take a while to be passed, they are one of our most powerful tools to shape society. We need standards for AI, too. At least as specific and far reaching as with the other two, probably even more. This responsibility has to be fulfilled by todays politicians and state leaders, top down and swiftly.

But how do we engage the others, the masses?

Well, what if companies whether small, family owned or large corporations in their quest to master digital transformation would expose every single employee to AI? Would have them work on AI driven projects and initiatives, hence empower them with firsthand experience and knowledge? Wouldn’t this be the most effective and quickest way to engage the civil discussion on AI? Based on personal experience not on fake news.

For sure there will be people becoming or remaining afraid of AI. They will perpetuate the quest for the next and the new.

Read the blog post, which started the discussion. Or Minjoo’s and Stefanie’s answers. More coming soon.

Karel J. Golta

Managing Director

Karel, CEO and founder of INDEED, is Swiss but far from being neutral. When he's not planning "the next big thing" with clients, you can controversially discuss with him the value of design. And above all, how design preserves humanity in the age of AI and automation.


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