Jan 26, 2016

Experts for Innovation: Airbus meets…

From innovation potentials to innovation success:

Andrea Vorm Walde

The willingness to innovate requires for a set of skills that includes the fundamental openness for novelties as well as the ability to react flexibly on the unexpected. In this light, in the morning of the very day of our event, we had the opportunity to prove ourselves right: namely in the moment we learnt that one of our guest speakers got the flu and wouldn’t be able to come.

In this situation, it was important to keep calm, to take one step after the other, to think outside the box and to activate all our contacts. So instead of “Airbus meets BMW” the title of our event turned into “Airbus meets Local Motors”.

The conclusion: different doesn’t mean worse at all – quite on the contrary! As always, there have been limited tickets for the dmi: NightOut by Indeed and they were quickly taken: for about 70 guests the change of one of the speakers didn’t necessarily represent a disadvantage. They were rewarded with an overview of new innovation tools by Indeed, and with detailed insights from Europe’s biggest aircraft manufacturer as well as from a company that is definitely one of the current pioneers in the fields of co-creation, community platforms and digitalization. Because who else can offer cars that come out of a 3D printer?

“From innovation potentials to innovation success” – that was the title of our expert keynotes and all presentations referred precisely to this topic. Being the host of the event, innovation success is very close to our hearts – right from the start as innovation consultants and especially since we initiated our new program: TOI – Tools Of Innovators is a training concept for enterprises that aims at transforming employees to innovators.

We already reported about TOI in our blog ( and you can get detailed information about it on our additional website ( Here a short overview that also our guests received at the dmi: NightOut. Because one thing is important for us: we strongly believe that real innovations do not only come from the outside but also from inside of a company!

Thus, it’s the employees who contribute crucially to making a company withstand in spite of all the changes and stay economically strong with innovative products and services. How to reach the right ideas though? And how to get more productive? And what are the right tools along this process?

In short: how to make your employees to innovators?

TOI gives all the answers to those questions arranged individually for every client challenge:

1. In a workshop, the relevant topics are determined

2. Appropriate innovation tools are selected from our extensive innovation tool cloud

3. A practical training program for the employees is set up. It refers directly to the determined topics and therefore serves the corporate goals

4. A few month after the training, sparring sessions help to consolidate developed results and to enable real added value this way

Literally, we were able to see that this idea reached our guests and that the concept was clear to them. However, that was only the introduction because everybody wanted to know:

How is Airbus innovating after all?

We will reveal that in the follow-up, which will be released here within the next couple of days. This much we can already divulge: our speaker Dr Markus Durstewitz calls innovation “the heart of Airbus”.

And also the 3rd part of our blog article concerning the expert panel will be exciting as well. Who knows… perhaps the next great idea maker of the Local Motors community will be among our readers?

Andrea Vorm Walde

PR and Communications

Andrea takes care of our PR and likes to show how innovative and versatile Indeed is. Actually, she is responsible for the words - nevertheless, she usually leaves us here first because we as designers and developers want to report authentically in our blog. And that’s what we can do best ourselves.


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