Jun 18, 2019

Colleagues at INDEED

Meet our dear colleagues: Every few weeks we introduce someone else, always with three recurrent questions but always with new answers.

Isabel Calzada Zubiría

June 18th, 2019 - Florian H.

Your first impression of INDEED?

When I first learned about Indeed, I was looking for a new job that could offer me a broad variety of projects and competences, where I would be able to work in a holistic fashion - from research, consumer journeys and strategy all the way through the design process up to the implementation, right until the end result hits the markets. Indeed checked all these boxes, and topped it off with their “human-first” approach – so for me it was an ideal match. And since I started here, I have never been disappointed – every day, there’s something new to learn.

Your first challenge at INDEED?

My first challenge was learning to work with Solid Works, as I hadn’t worked with it before. Coming from Rhino and Alias it’s a real paradigm shift. But let’s be honest, that’s not a very exciting or fun challenge to talk about, right? So I started wondering, if there is a more interesting challenge to write about. And then, just a week later I was faced with a challenge, that was quite unique. A colleague came to me and asked for feedback on how I would use this very “specific” sex toy she was designing… They say that the ability to empathize is a designer’s most important skill – well, this particular challenge took that ability to a new level.

Who are you and what do you do apart from INDEED?

One of the things that define me (and actually keeps on redefining me), is how I can get passionate about a lot of different things; and of course I like try out as many as I can. Some of them I end up pursuing only for a while, then move on to the next; these include making coffee with a syphon, paleo diet (keeps returning occasionally), different martial arts, bouldering, and many more. Other passions stick with me and I try my best to become good at them, as is the case with photography, life drawing & illustration, surfing, yoga or playing Go. Managing my time between all these hobbies can be quite a challenge, but it’s also a great exercise in efficiency, simplification and trying to get the purest and most impactful experience out of what I do.

By the way, my latest endeavors include Ikebana, meditation and surfskating… – I’m curious to see which of them will stick.

May 21st, 2019 - Alex D.

Your first impression of INDEED?

Huh, a long time ago;)

After my job interview, I felt very positive about the people and the office. To get a better impression of the city, Karel suggested that I walk down the St. Pauli Elbtunnel to see the city from the other side of the Elbe River.

I remember it was a perfect sunny December day, then, looking at the city and thinking about Indeed's first impressions… I decided to join the INDEED community.

Luckily, they also had a positive impression on me, and I must say that this thought and positive hollow remain to this day.

Your first challenge at INDEED?

My first business talk with the client was exciting. Being fully responsible for a multiple layer project was a great opportunity that I was happy to take. Visiting the client for the first time and getting to know the main stakeholders helped me to understand better the need for the required projects. It was a great start for a long-lasting partnership with great products on the market.

Who are you and what do you do apart from INDEED?

I am German with a Kazakh/Russian background. I love to learn new languages and explore different cultures. I also like to do triathlons in the summer and go skiing during winter. Beside INDEED I love to continue being creative and do my own design side projects.

April 16th, 2019 - Won

Your first impression of INDEED?

In June 2014, my first journey with INDEED started. Back then, INDEED was a small size company with a team of around 15 colleagues. I was one of the two female designers, which later influenced me a lot to become a beer lover;)

One of the things that I cherish the most about INDEED was the sharing and caring team culture. All team members were very proactive in communication, for example, instead of texting or writing an e-mail, we approach every colleague, and speak to them in person. Another thing that made a great impression for me, is how all team members shared their time while having breakfast together, and during that, how they shared their blockers about any issues they´ve got during ongoing projects.

I believe the original INDEED team culture transformed into our current slogan 'Human-first in innovation'.

Your first challenge at INDEED?

As one of the first colleagues from a non-EU country who cannot speak in German and as a young professional who had just started her first official career in a foreign country, there were many obstacles. From the visa application to the internet installation, but thanks to the empathic support of INDEED and team, I could successfully go through all these issues, and could stay here for five years until now. The hard journey allowed me to believe more in myself, and the trust on INDEED got much stronger.

Who are you and what do you do apart from INDEED?

My name is Won-Gyung Lee, originally from Busan and studied Industrial design in Seoul, South Korea. When I was a teenager, I studied watercolor painting, pencil drawing, and sculpture in the Art High School. Back then, I just wanted to be a person who could draw limitless. Now I feel my dream somehow came true. I became a designer who visions and helps with the realization of what people dream about the future. On my weekends or evenings after work, I still enjoy drawing portraits of my family and friends with the very popular 'won beer' which is one of the moments I appreciate the most. ;)

March 19th, 2019 - Nisarg

Your first impression of INDEED?

My favorite projects are solving the unknown and turning crazy concepts into tangible products – so I liked the fact that INDEED actually developed products to completion instead of just showing pretty renders. I’m pretty lucky that my job is to work together with other passionate people to ideate, iterate and solve whatever challenges get thrown at us.

Your first challenge at INDEED?

I’d say from day one, any Engineering decisions I’ve made have been important for the client’s business, because I’m about thinking quality, deadlines and costs. In the end we strive to push the client’s product to a new level, while still being in budget and solving any complex development or manufacturing problems that arise.

Who are you and what do you do apart from INDEED?

I am from New Zealand so being in Europe is great to have all these travel destinations on my door step. Being around different cultures is my favorite environment, and learning German is really fun too. I think once I’m fully business competent in German I will give a crack at learning Spanish. Other than that in winter I like to ski, and during summer I like to find some new surf spots.

March 5th, 2019 - Ivo

Your first impression of INDEED?

I think that first impressions are fragile and that I needed some time to put these into perspective as they are the most lasting and important for me. They set the tone and are the ones that got me motivated for a good start off.

With a lot of excitement and high dose of curiosity I started my first day and got warmly welcomed by my new colleagues. It quickly turned out that I am surrounded by a multidisciplinary team that is eager to answer the arising questions in digital, physical and strategic design. An environment I feel very comfortable in!

Your first challenge at INDEED?

When started at INDEED, one of the very first challenges were to eat up all the candies that covered my desk next to some welcome presents. After that, I could concentrate on working on my first client project.

Who are you and what do you do apart from INDEED?

My name is Ivo and I am working at INDEED as Designer in the field of Industrial Design and UX. Before joining INDEED, I had the opportunity to gain experience in various fields of design and lived in several countries which strengthened my perspective on the role of design and enhanced my understanding of people and different cultures.

I like discovering the outdoors and will be always in for a hike in the mountains. As often as I can I am doing sports especially playing field hockey which I started to play during my childhood. In addition to that I am challenging myself in learning a new language this year.

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Isabel Calzada Zubiría

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