May 30, 2017

By creatives, for creatives

Together with our client WAGNER we have been implementing innumerable projects in the last years. Heat guns, spray guns, airless spray systems, for consumers as well as for professionals.

Andrea Vorm Walde DE

And just found in the internet, obviously also for awesome artisans, who have created ingenious projects!

We are totally impressed! And we love the idea of unconventional thinkers appreciating the innovation in our WAGNER products and letting arise innovative works with it themselves. That’s what drives us!

Words cannot describe how brilliant the results are, so have a look:



Andrea Vorm Walde DE

PR and Communications

Andrea kümmert sich um unsere PR und zeigt gerne, wie innovativ und vielseitig Indeed ist. Eigentlich ist sie zuständig für die Worte – trotzdem lässt sie uns hier meistens den Vortritt, weil wir als Designer und Entwickler in unserem Blog ganz authentisch berichten wollen. Und das können wir am besten selber.


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