Oct 13, 2017


The advice of David Gram, who enthused the audience of this year’s Design Research & Design Strategy Conference with his Lego Best Case, was not the only one which inspired the participants.

Andrea Vorm Walde

The event initiated by us and our partner mc markt-consult took place for the fourth year in succession and ended with an enjoyable networking session with beer and wine in the appealing ambience of the Hotel Gastwerk Hamburg.

“OUTTHINK INNOVATION” – the topic attracted more than 100 registrations in a short period of time and found an absolute equivalence in four interesting workshops and six thrilling and catchy keynotes on the event day. For photos and our event report, please visit www.drdscon.com. Furthermore, a first press release is available at HORIZONT.

Andrea Vorm Walde

PR and Communications

Andrea takes care of our PR and likes to show how innovative and versatile Indeed is. Actually, she is responsible for the words - nevertheless, she usually leaves us here first because we as designers and developers want to report authentically in our blog. And that’s what we can do best ourselves.


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