Jun 12, 2020

Apparatus of Euphonious Thinking III

This blog post is the third and last part of a three folded series taking you behind the scenes of INDEED’s latest installation. In this last part, we like to share our experience at the House of Beautiful Business and more.

Vinay Bhajantri

Crossing the finish line

The first time the machine was exhibited in Digital Kindergarten, it was performing with some hiccups (with cautionary measures). But with the big upgrade in safety of electronics and a better motor, it worked like a charm in the next event- the Chamber of Beautiful Business.

This was the event where the whole team could recognize the first success. Multiple participants went through the complete experience and were awe-inspired by the music created by their own brain signals. With more education materials from Isabel and Steffi, we were able to better explain how it works and this elevated the experience even further.

House of Beautiful Business

Next few weeks were geared towards testing the machine for durability and quality of music. We adapted the platform to be more portable since we had to fly to Lisbon for the next event. In the middle of all the excitement of being there, setting it up we hit another bump the night before event.  

We noticed during the test runs that the motor was not getting enough power, so we went back to module testing mode. We created a plan of action for troubleshooting and slowly started testing all the interfaces on the mechanics.

Combining the wit and hack ideas of all the team, from getting olive oil and lip balm for lubrication, getting a nail file for sharpening the punch pins, we managed to find and fix the gears on the motor. This must have happened during the transport. But the big news was, it started working well and we went back to sleep still skeptical about what new issue might come up next day.

The following days, the motor ran smooth as warm butter. The machine was working well, we were all super excited but very few people turned up. But slowly, through word of mouth we saw steep increase in people by the end of event.

This project was filled with many ups and downs down up until the last minute. One of the biggest gains from this project was deeper and authentic connection with each other. One of the most surreal moments was when after the motor burning incident, everyone took an hour off, came back and all of us wanted to work harder to fix the issues, at no point we thought of giving up.

We always dream radical and big, but we need the pragmatic thinking to deliver. Another learning comes in the form of handling such projects, on bringing pragmatic measures to very ambitious goals. With successive stages of project, we took measures to deliver the promised in modules that still acknowledged the ambitious initial idea.

This project provided us a real-world experience to experiment different hard skills, roles, and mindsets to evolve ourselves into better innovators.

And luckily, we are now at a point where we can take the installation on tour. So, like the ladies from the Fruchthof Campus let us know which event you like to infuse with our installation and we are happy to offer you an individual package filled with music, lovely operators and a brilliant machine.

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Vinay Bhajantri

Project Engineer

Vinay is a product design engineer at INDEED. He believes technology has created an enormous push in the society and the role of design is to orient this push with meaningful foresight.


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